Hello, I’m Sokha from Sambo Khmer and Thai Restaurant situated in Wat Damnak Siem Reap Cambodia, located 6.9 Km from Angor Wat. We are a small family-owned restaurant established in 2019.

This has been a dream come true and only possible because of hard work and a lifelong ambition to one day run my own restaurant and help my family out of poverty.

My parents have had a dark past but survived (as many didn’t) under the Khmer Rouge/Polpot regime.

As a child my parents were forced to move around looking for shelter, food and work to support me and my 2 sisters.

It was a harsh existence working in rice fields and any labour job they could find. My parents often travelled abroad for lengthy periods of time to find work and send home money, the 3 children were at times left alone to fend for themselves.

Schooling was minimal as my sisters and I were forced to find work abroad, working in restaurants from kitchen hands to waitressing.

This is where I found my passion in the industry, working in various restaurants in other countries and in Cambodia learning my craft. Cooking and serving a variety of cuisines.

My friendly positive nature often found me as maitre d’ of the establishment

My fondness of food, people and the strong love to reunite my family and see a brighter future, Sambo Restaurant is born.

Love Sokha